Central Coast Remedial Resources, Inc. (CCRRI) specializes in handling and safely containing non-hazardous impacted soils. CCRRI is a joint venture of The Diani Companies and Tracer Environmental Sciences and Technologies Inc., representing an aggregate of 75 years of experience in working with the petroleum industry.

CCRRI has a long term agreement with the City of Santa Maria to operate its Non-hazardous Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils (NHIS) program at the Santa Maria Sanitary Landfill (SMSL). The Landfill operation is approved and regulated by the California Integrated Waste Management Board and the Regional Water Quality Control Board.
Acceptable NHIS is utilized as a resource, not a waste, by providing the foundation layer material for the SMSL closure plan. All NHIS is placed on an Engineered Liner over a leachate collection system. The NHIS foundation layer provides a sub-layer for the final cover of the landfill and will eventually be capped in accordance with the final SMSL closure requirements providing an additional long-term risk management advantage for generators.

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